Dog Training with Kindness!

Using science based dog training methods to create confident, focused dogs and puppies.

Colleen Bragg, RVT CPCFT FFCP

Registered Veterinary Technician

Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer

Approved AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Approved AKC Temperament Test Evaluator

Fear Free Certified Professional

A Case Study: When Rehoming Your Pet Works Out

Meet Campbell Campbell is my 3-4 year old spayed, female cat. I got her October of 2022 from my laboratory instructor at Veterinary Technology school. Prior to living with me, Campbell lived at my instructor's house as a "semi-feral" cat. I was told Campbell does not...

Incompatible Behavior…What?

What is an Incompatible Behavior? The simple answer is a behavior that is taught, so the learner cannot do a less desired behavior. Let's think of a few examples of when this might be true. This works in every day life just like it works in dog training, so we will...

Fussy Eaters Anonymous

Most dogs will eat their food happily and readily, but what about our dogs who are a little fussier about eating? Do you have a dog who is a little reluctant to eat? Have you decided to switch from free feeding to set meal times? We may never know why some dogs are...

Bringing Home Puppy

New puppies are so much fun, but they can be a ton of work!!! I brought home a puppy a little over two years ago and the months and weeks leading up to bringing my little bundle of joy home were full of excitement and planning! So much planning and prep was going on...

Parasites & How to Prevent Them!

When we ring in a new year, many of us make pledges to live a healthier lifestyle. But what about a healthier lifestyle for our furry friends? Many pet owners take their dogs and cats to a veterinarian for annual wellness exams, and during those visits vaccinations...

Veterinary Waiting Room Etiquette

As a pet owner, dog trainer, and part-time veterinary assistant, I have spent a fair amount of time in the waiting room at the veterinarian's office. While in the waiting room, I have seen some close calls between dogs which were scary for someone who is fluent in dog...

Wildly Friendly Dogs

Let’s take a deep dive into why dogs jump up on people, how to prevent it, and how to retrain our dogs to not jump up. For many people a wildly friendly dog can be dangerous. Grandma cannot withstand the impact of Fido’s exciting greetings with his sharp nails and...

House Training Troubleshooting

House training, or teaching your puppy where you would like him or her to eliminate, is one of the most important skills a puppy can learn. Learning this skill can have a huge impact on the puppy's quality of life. If a puppy is unable to consistently eliminate...

Confessions from a Dog Trainer – Sit Fido Sit!

It never fails. Every new class session, every new private lesson, and every time I go to dog owners' homes, I generally hear the same thing. Frantic owners saying "Sit! Sit Fido Sit!!!" and "I promise Fido knows how to sit!" I am not entirely sure what is going on in...

When Saying Goodbye is Hard Enough

As an animal lover and pet owner, it is likely that you have experienced the difficult decision of having to say goodbye to your pet. The toughest part is when we, humans, must make that decision for our animals by choosing humane euthanasia. It might be an older dog,...

My Services

I offer a range of canine fitness and dog training services. Services range from 6 week individualized fitness plans for pet dogs needing general fitness to the competitive athlete needing a sports specific plan, general dog training focusing on correcting problem behaviors, and group classes. With all of my services, safety and the emotional well-being of your dog is my top priority!

Fitness Plans

Individualized Fitness Plans helps your dog meet fitness goals quicker! This is a great option for the competitive athlete, the average pet dog that needs to loose weight, or a dog recovering from an injury.


Private Lessons

Private lessons offer individualized training plans, for either fitness or behavior modification. The low-stress, low-distracting environment is a great way to help your dog learn new skills!


Group Classes

Small group classes provide individualized attention, while also teaching your dog to focus on you with other dogs present! I use science, based positive reinforcement training methods in a relaxed learning environment.


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Meet Colleen

I have been involved with dogs for the past 20+ years. I started out by volunteering with my local animal shelter, I eventually found my way into dog sports. My passion for dogs can be seen my knowledge base and training methods.


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What is a CPCFT?

A CPCFT is a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer. CPCFTs have completed 24-weeks of individualized, intensive training under Dr. Debbie Gross Torraca, DPT, MSPT, CCRP, CCMT, conducted four 6-week, peer reviewed case studies, and successfully complete an examination. CPCFTs have been highly trained in safety and proper form. We do not hesitate to refer clients to proper veterinary professionals when needed. When you work with a CPCFT you can be sure your dog will be getting the safest and most effective canine fitness plan possible.

Why Me?

I have been involved in dog training for almost 15 years. In that time, I have continuted to learn from some of the best dog trainers in the world and have proven my knowledge in Canine Fitness by becoming a CPCFT and an RVT. I am also an approved AKC Canine Good Citizen, AKC Temperament Test Evaluator and Fear Free Certified Professional.







Colleen is an excellent trainer who brings unique methods to the training. I’m very impatient when my dog doesn’t cooperate, but she calmly explained to me so I could get back to training.

Frances M

Colleen is an excellent instructor who is very knowledgeable in her field of training and loving dogs and bringing out their full potential. We have gone to Colleen for a number of years with great results. If you need to work on something with your dog she will try a number of different exercises until they are confident.

Elaine K

Colleen is very knowledgeable and works well with all breeds of dogs as well as the wonderful all-American breeds. Her instructions-are clear and she makes the class fun. No pressure to perform.

Marta S