Dog Training

Group Classes, Private Lessons, & Online Training

My Training Philosophy

I believe in using science-based, reward based methods of dog training. When I first got into dog training, I fell in love with helping dog owners live peacefully with their dogs. I look for the reasons why a dog is doing a certain behavior. Then I work with the owner to develop a plan to replace the unwanted behavior with a more appropriate behavior.

Dog training is an ever evolving field, so I am constantly learning. I have taken classes or attended seminars and workshops from some of the top dog trainers in the country.

Common Dog Behavior Problems

  • Recall (Coming when Called)
  • Door Dashing
  • Counter Surfing
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Impulse Control
  • Nusance Barking
  • …and More!

Types of Dog Training

Group Classes

This is a great option for most dogs, especially puppies. These classes will help teach your dog valuable skills, such as: Loose Leash Walking, Recalls, Impulse Control and more. The best benefit of group classes is the natural distrations of other dogs and people. Handlers will learn how to teach their dogs to focus on their people. Classes are limited to 8 dog and handler teams. For a list of Current or Upcoming Classes, click the button below!

Private Lessons

Do you have a dog that is nervous, easily distracted, or have a very specific issue that needs addressed? Then Private Lessons are perfect for you! During Private Lessons you and your dog are the only clients in the training facility. This means 100% of my focus is on you and your dog. For some dogs, private lessons are the perfect starting point prior to joining group classes. If you’re a little unsure on how your dog will do in Group Classes, sign up for a Private Lesson before hand. Click the button below to find out more and how to schedule your Private Lesson!

Online Training

Online training options are becoming more and more popular! This is a great option for people who are unable to leave their homes, make it to regular group classes, or live outside of reasonable driving distance to Hurricane, WV. Webinars and Workshops will have a very narrow scope of discussion. These options do not need much time committment and can be flexible. Click the button below to find out more information about upcoming webinars and workshops!