Frequently Asked Questions

My vet says my puppy is too young to receive his/her Rabies Vaccine. Can he/she still attend classes?

Yes! For puppy class and puppy hikes, puppies just need to have started their puppy series vaccines. Puppies need to have had their first shot at least 7 days before their first class.

For dogs over 6 months old a copy of the dog’s rabies certificate is needed for classes.

I’ve always been told to wait until my puppy has finished his/her puppy series vaccines before attending class or taking my puppy in public. Why do you allow puppies as young as 8 weeks to attend class?

I follow the AVSAB’s Recommendations on Puppy Socialization. According to research the most important time for socialization is the first 3 months of life. Puppy series vaccines aren’t typically completed until 4 months old. Proper socialization during this time can prevent life-long behavior problems, such as aggression, avoidance, and fear. Behavior problems are the number one cause of relinquishing a dog to shelters or rescues. The AVSAB believes the risk of your puppy getting sick from going to puppy class is minimal compared to the chance of death due to a behavior problem.

What kind of collar or leash is required for class?

I have no requirements for the type of collar or harness you can use in class. However, for safety reasons, I do not allow puppies to wear choke/slip or prong collars. I do not allow shock collars or flexi/extension leashes to be used in class or in the parking lot.

If you choose to use a harness for your dog, I recommend using a front clip-style harness. My favorite type of harness is the K9 Balance Harness.

Shock collars of any kind are not allowed!

What’s wrong with using a Flexi/Extension leash?

It can be difficult to control your dog using this type of leash. These leashes are well known to cause injury to unsuspecting by standers, owners, and dogs on them. These leashes also teach your dog to pull on a leash, rather than teach your dog how to properly loose leash walk. There is a time and place for flexi/extension leashes, but in public around other people and dogs is not one of them.

What happens if I have to miss a class? Do you offer make up classes?

Unfortunately, I cannot offer individual make up classes. Please check out my Policies page for more information on this question.

Does my puppy have to be enrolled in Puppy Class to attend Puppy Hikes?

Absolutely not! I realize people have preferences for certain dog trainers in the area, but not all of these trainers have socialization opportunities that I can provide. This is why my Puppy Hike Registration is separate from my Class Registration.

Wait…What’s a Puppy Hike?

Puppy Hikes are a socialization opportunity for puppies between the ages of 8 weeks – 6 months old. Find out more information here.

Do you offer Board and Training?

Unfortunately, I do not offer a Board and Train program. I hold myself to a very high standard of care and I would be unable to provide that standard of care for dogs being housed for any length of time at this time. I also believe it is important for owners to be involved in their dog’s training process. Your dog needs to develop a working relationship with you, not a dog trainer. For dogs that may not do well in a group class I highly recommend Private Training Lessons.

When do you offer Private Lessons?

I offer Private Lessons on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00pm – 4:00pm (last lesson is at 3:30pm) and Saturday afternoons from Noon – 4:00pm (last lesson is at 3:30pm).