Online Training

Webinars and Workshops


Online dog training options are becoming more and more popular. Colleen is taking advantage of her technology skills to bring dog training to you! This is a great option for people who are unable to leave their homes or make it to regular group classes.

Webinars and workshops will be very focused on a particular subject. These options will not require much time commitment and are flexible.

Here’s how it works:

  • Webinars will be a presentation on a particular subject matter. These events will be LIVE via Zoom (or a similar online video streaming platform). Usually a power point type presentation will be used to guide us along the information. Colleen will also include some pre-recorded video to help students visualize what is being taught. Webinars are geared towards developing discussion and thoughts about a specific topic.
    • Upon successful registration and payment, you will receive the Zoom meeting information the day before the webinar via e-mail.
    • It is your responsibility to make sure you understand how your technology works prior to a webinar. Refunds are not available for inability to make your technology work correctly.
  • Online Classes will include multiple lectures, example videos, homework, and video feedback options for those who chose to upload videos. These events will be more in-depth with a training goal in mind. Video submissions from students need to be limited to less than 2 minutes. More information on video submission will be desseminated upon joining a workshop.
    • Upon successful registration and payment, you will receive access via BusyPaws where lectures, assignments, and feedback will be given.

Fabulous Sous Chefs – Preventing Counter Surfing, Food Stealing, and Teaching Proper Kitchen Manners

This online class will help teach your dogs how to keep their feet on the ground while you cook food or have a meal. This is an unconventional menthod for teaching a dog to stop counter-surfing, but it works!!!

In this class, we teach a dog what we WANT the dog to do, rather than punishing the dog and continuing to yell at the dog for what we don’t want the dog to do. Ask yourself, are you still yelling “get off the counter” at your dog? Then why not give this a shot? 

Take a moment to read the Fine Print!