Puppy Hikes

8 weeks – 6 months Old

Unfortunately I am unable to offer Puppy Hikes at this time due to limited mobility and being unable to hike most of the trials. Hopefully, Puppy Hikes will return in the future!

What is a Puppy Hike?

A hike for puppies 8 weeks – 6 months old. Hikes are short, easy, and safe for growing puppies.

The goal for puppy hikes are to safely teach your puppy some valuable life skills, such as: body awareness, being off leash, and socialization with puppies, people, and environments.

For more information on why Puppy Hikes are so great for puppies, check out this blog post.

Why the Age Restrictions?

Because puppies at this age are more focused on their people, they are likely to stay close to the group, and be friendly with other puppies. Puppies generally become more independent around 6-8 months old and some become sexually mature around the same age. For safety and group dynamics, 6 months is the cut off age.

What do I bring to a Puppy Hike?

  • Puppy
  • 4-6 foot leash (NO Flexi/Retractable Leads)
  • Puppy’s Favorite Treats
  • Vaccine Record (if first hike and you have not pre-registered)


3572 Hurricane Creek Rd, Hurricane, WV

Meet at the BARN!

When do these hikes happen?

Saturdays at 10:30am.

Please be sure to check our Facebook or Instagram page prior to a hike in case of last minute cancellations.

Why would a hike get cancelled?

Weather, lack of interest, family emergency, or weekend travel plans.


Use code “cash” if you would like to pay by cash when you arrive.