Canine Fitness

Veterinary Referral Information

Thank you for considering my services for your patient! As a CPCFT, I want to ensure I stay within the bounds of my service and have a good relationship with my clients’ medical team. Please take a moment to read my Letter of Introduction for more information on how I can help better the quailty of life for your patients.

If you feel like my services could help your patient and he or she has recently had a major medial issue, acute injury, or chronic pain please fill out the Veterinary Referal Form below, or the PDF version.

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*Targeted Fitness program is to focus on a specific weakness.  This is NOT physical rehabilitation, as that is out of my scope of service.

Please note: Endless Pawsabilities, LLC offers canine conditioning, fitness, and dog training services. We are not a rehabilitaiton program and do not diagnose or treat injuries, illness, or disease. All dogs who participate in the Canine Conditioning program after an injury or illness must have veterinary clearance. When concerns are noted, clients will be directed to see appropriate care form their veterinarian.